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Welcome to Satsangpariksha
Satsang is fuel for the soul. It is necessary for every devotee to reap the benefits of attaining satsang (Prapti), and thereafter, experience the ultimate bliss of Maharaj (Sthiti). On the path of life, satsang exams help us to evaluate our knowledge, beliefs and understanding of satsang.

To evaluate ourselves, satsang exams were started in India a long time ago. However, many devotees were not able to take part in the exams. In an effort to make the exams more accessible, SMVS has started online exams.

These exams are an endeavour to please HDH Bapji and HH Swamishree. Thus one shall participate in this project with great enthusiasm. To get more details about current examinations, please click on the syllabus page. For any queries please contact

Benefits of Satsang Examinations :
  • It increases our understanding of satsang.
  • It aligns our life with the likings and wishes of Maharaj and Motapurush.
  • Devotees across the world can come on a common level in terms of satsang.
  • We can develop a habit of reading our spiritual books.
  • It creates an atmosphere in which we can learn the values of satsang.

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